Free Marketing With Facebook and Twitter

Facebook is one of the easiest social media sites to get started on and
lets you reach the widest possible audience by attracting vast numbers
of Facebook “Friends.”

You probably already have a personal Facebook page, but you will want
to start a separate one for your business. This is going to be your
business’ Facebook Fan Page.

Whenever anybody on Facebook “Likes” your business’ fan page, they
automatically become your Friend. Then, whenever you post a status
update on your Fan Page, it will be distributed to all of your

Collect “Likes”

The success of your free Facebook marketing program relies on your
ability to gain as many Fans as possible. Start by sending invitations
to “Like” your Fan Page to the social media contacts on your personal
Facebook page, like family, friends, and acquaintances.

Visit their Facebook home pages, taking note of who their Friends
are. Send invitations to their Friends, especially those who have the
highest amount of social media contacts.

Take a look at what groups they belong to. Whenever they post a
status update, always “Like” it and add a comment so you can develop
your relationship with them and get them to be more interactive with
your Fan Page.

Nurture Relationships with Passionate Fans

Be consistent in developing interpersonal relationships with your
Friends on your Facebook Fan Page. Direct message them on Facebook or
Twitter and let them know how much you enjoy their posts. Eventually,
they will start paying attention to you.

Once you have nurtured a positive online relationship, you can send
your Facebook Fans links to valuable content for free interspersed with
periodic promotions for your products. For example, if your niche is
health and fitness, you might send them a link to a 30-day plan for
six-pack abs.

Make sure the specific content you send is something your contacts
will value and appreciate receiving from you for free so that you can
create a trust bond with them. This subconsciously will make them feel
indebted to you so they will be more likely to promote future offerings
from you to their social media network.

Always encourage your contacts to give your pages social approval
signals whenever possible by including things like: “Like us on
Facebook!” This will improve your search engine rankings.

Twitter Marketing

On Twitter, your posts are limited to 140 characters, but that’s
plenty of room to include links to other websites, pictures, videos
slideshows, and other media. Twitter is a fast and efficient way to get
your products and services in front of a lot of people.

Twitter instantly links users to a large number of people–both who
they know and who they don’t know–making it one of the most immediate
and effective ways to communicate ever created.

Building Followers

The goal with Twitter is to attract as many followers as you can.
Like Facebook, you should start by searching for people you know,
including loyal customers, family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers,
and current and former school mates. Use the search function to look for
their Twitter accounts, and then follow them.

The next step is to go to their profile and see who they are
following and who is following them. Look for people you either know
already or who are friends of friends and follow them. Keep a careful
eye out for people who have the most followers themselves and follow
them. That way, if they tweet something you post, it has a better chance
of going viral.

Whenever you follow somebody, they will get a notification that you
are following them. Usually, people on Twitter will follow you back.
When they do, your list of Twitter followers becomes populated with
people who are already fans of the types of products you are promoting.

Increase your list of highly targeted prospects by searching for
tweets about your niche. For example, if you are working in the high-end
clothing business, simply conduct a search for “#eveningwear.”

Identify “Social Influencers”

Then all you have to do is go to the profiles of people who have
recently tweeted in this niche and look at their list of followers. If
they have a lot, they fall into a category known as “social
influencers.” You definitely want to follow those people.

Hopefully, they will follow you back. When they do, whenever you
tweet something, it will appear on their Twitter scroll. There is also
the possibility they will retweet it so that their followers will see it
as well.

Like Facebook, you want to find people on Twitter who are
passionately interested in your niche and who have the most followers.
These are the people with whom you want to build interpersonal
relationships, because they can provide you access to the most
prospective customers.

To get double the mileage from your efforts, link your Twitter to
your Facebook and vice versa so that every time you post on one site, it
automatically posts on the other.

It’s easy to do: All you need to do is follow the instructions on
either site. Don’t forget to promote your Twitter feed in all the same
places you promote your Facebook page.
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