The more success you have in your business the more responsibility you have too.

How do you keep up and remain successful?

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There is something to be said for getting the right encouragement at the right time.

The more success you begin to generate in your affiliate marketing business, the more responsibilities you will naturally create, and what that means is, more to do in the same amount of time. When a few months ago you had less to do.

Sounds like a great problem to have and it is, but it’s not as easy at it looks.

The simple answer is to be more disciplined in what you do.

Here’s what they don’t tell you though.

When you have 800 things on your mind it’s not that easy to just do one thing without thinking of all the other stuff you must get done in a day.

This goes for life just as much as your affiliate marketing business.

When going over my list of tasks in the mornings some days I can feel a bit overwhelmed with the load, but a funny thing happens sometimes.

I get inspiration from an email newsletter from one of my favourite mentors.

It spoke to me because of it’s timeliness.

One of my favourite, timeless emails says:

“Don’t worry about how many things you have to do in a day because the simple truth is your mind can only hold one thought and do one thing at a time.

Relax, let go of that heavy load and focus on the task at hand. When it’s finished move on to the next one and don’t worry about the rest. Give your best effort to the task at hand and then the next one and then the next, just do one thing at a time.”

And you know what?

That’s exactly what I practice.

In your business when you are new you have a world of opportunity ahead of you and more ways to get to where you want to go than you can hold in your head, don’t worry about it.

Focus first on learning your business and the way you want to market it. Take notes and assess the positives and negatives for running your business your way to the best of your abilities.

Then think of ways to make the negatives positive.

Then focus your attention on testing your preferred methods of marketing your business and leave the rest behind you.

Have the discipline to do this, and I will tell you from experience you have the qualities of a great leader and income earner in your business.

Don’t make time, make your time work for you.

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