1KPerDayMovement Startup Information

​Just wanted to give you a short welcome and also point out some important things!

Some of this info can't be written in emails that is sent out from Aweber like Clickbank

that's why i put it here on a webpage.

​When you log in to the system and see all products it can be a lot to take in.

​That also depends of what products you're in.

​Some of the products are from click bank so if you have a clickbank account

just add your clickbank id to all clickbank products. That means you have commission direct some of your team buy a clickbank product.

Same with JVZOO and warrior plus.

​If you not a member just create your accounts at clickbank/jvzoo/warrior plus it's free.

​If you are a member of clickfunnel there is 4 boxes for clickfunnel products else if you want to join clickfunnel you get the 2 1K Movement funnels direct to clickfunnel.

​My recommendations is

1) Exitus Elite 100 % One payment + small admin fee

2) Heal ( have many products that people will by and not so expensive to get started and awesome education) 

3) Conversion Pro ( great listbuilding tool 50% commission ) 

4) My $20 Travel Biz

5) TLC Total Life Changes

​But you can choose whatever you want or if you low of cash get started with all clickbank/jvzoo/warrior products

​If you short on budget maybe you can start with one of above. The one you feel is must interesting when you look at the systems.

​We show you how to bring in customers and with your first 2-3 customers you start to profit.

​Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

​Best Carsten  


Skype carweb199

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