This site is about building an online business.

Hi my name is Carsten Webering ! I’m working with Online Affiliate Marketing, CRM (Customer Relation Management), Mobile Apps and System Development.

Online Marketing is a big area and that could mean Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, MLM ( Multi Level Marketing ), Direct Sales , Content Management, E-commerce and more … depending on who you talking to.

If we want to get little structured we could say that Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing,  MLM Marketing and e-commerce is different ways of getting customers, sales and how the companies with the products you sell are organized and how you get paid.

When you want to build your business and sell your stuff you need tools, techniques, concepts, system, processes to make it work like :

Email Marketing, Auto-responder, Websites, Social Media Profiles, Traffic ( getting people looking at your offers ), Content Management is different ways of getting leads to your offer, build relations and make sales.

To make it easy for you if you new and want to get started with your own working from home business you can get this free ebook on how to get started.

Network Marketing Home Business Sponsoring PDF

else if you already working from home and need to improve your skills or find new ways look at the site and connect with me.


PS if you want to get in contact go here Contact

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