This site is about building an online business.

Hi my name is Carsten Webering. I’m living in Sweden, Stockholm and have been working with building an online business from 2013. I was then in debt as a result from an outdoor import business. To solve my problems I started to  search on google to find a solution and get out of debt. I tried expressions like “how make money online, how to build a business online” ad more. I found a lot of ideas and tried a lot of products but none of them got me out of debt.

It took me about 5 years before I was able to clear my debt and started to make real money online. I learned a lot of skills under this years and when thinking back I realize that it is sometimes small things between failure and success.

My background is software development and system architectures that i have been doing from 1988. Last 13 years I have been working with CRM (Customer Relation Management) for large companies using SAP. CRM is the basics of all business including online. Everything is about gathering you customer take them from suspects ( called leads ) to prospects ( called warm market ) and finally convert them to customer and then keep them as a buying customer.

This is the key in CRM. Work with relation management and keep you customer a happy customer!

You probably heard expressions like “Work From Home”, “Make Money Online”, “Laptop Life Style”, “Work From everywhere” and more. When people use this expression it’s about selling products on internet reaching people from an url that leads you to an webpage. An url is like “”. On this url you sell physical or digital products and you get paid in different ways. For example you can have a commission for every sell between normally %40-70% but you can also have 100% commission. The payment can be one time or recurring times like every month.

When selling products online we talk about systems/models like Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, MLM (Multi Level Marketing) and Franchising. Shopify and e-commerce is probably also things you heard about.

On this site I will blog about concept, methods, processes, tips and tricks to give you the skill you need to understand what to do to start you own online success business.

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