In marketing, the importance of learning the “language” of your customers means more than
you might think. It is a vast encompassing series of intersections that
could make your head spin. Thankfully, you’re in good hands with us.

Let’s make this navigation a bit easier, with our list of signals and road flares to better guide you down that road to success.

Training and Hiring Effective Marketers

There’s more to marketing than a piece of paper completed at a
college or even a resume. Understanding of varying sorts can give you an
edge when responding to your customer base. Confused? It’s ok. We’re
going to explain.

Hire Characters

Did you know there is a yearly conference called the Twitter 140
Characters Conference? This annual conference, hosted by Jeff Pulver,
runs with the word “character.”

On Twitter, you have the opportunity to write status and message
updates with 140 characters. The conference, however, is about more than
just the word count.

The word “character” refers to an anecdotal reference toward the
people that possess it. It takes character to write effectively on
Twitter. The conference focuses on how both words and people are
characters on Twitter and it highlights several different people who are
utilizing the service in unique or standout ways.

Take an example from Jet Blue. A customer tweeted, “I just traveled
across the country without getting dysentery. Thanks, Jet Blue!”

A Jet Blue employee who had an extra bit of knowledge and character
injected it into the customer experience. In this case, it was the pop
culture knowledge of the game “Oregon Trail” which netted the witty
banter to engage this customer.

Let’s look at his reply: “@Robotube: We have unlimited snacks
onboard, but when you shoot a buffalo, you still only get 200 pounds of
meat.” This injection of personality or character elicited further
response from the customer raving about Jet Blue. Characters written by
characters get engagements.

Research and Educate

Customers want to know that you do the research and education needed
in order to best serve them. This may include writing articles about
what is going on in their particular field of interest or something
beyond that. Do your research and give them what they desire. Education
is a powerful tool. Don’t forget to use it.
=> Your Seven Dollar Success …

Know the Power of Chats

Did you know that you could easily start your own conversations with
free tools online? Have a Twitter account for your company? Start a
Twitter chat.

Twitter chats get attention from a variety of audiences–from
entertainment to marketing to fashion and several categories in between.
Take advantage of this! Twitter chats are not only a forum with
built-in engagements but a place to build a community.  

Community Building Blocks

Using forums such as Twitter helps build your company by promoting
conversation, which is always a great thing. Using tools like Twitter
and providing helpful links and other resources to educate your
customers are huge points in making your community great.

Respond Fast and Often

Some of the best online customer service programs are ones that are
on the ball with responses. Take Media Temple for example: They have a
dedicated team for social networking that will assist customers and
respond within moments of their inquiries.

A company that has a rapid and fast response rate is one that gets
noticed and talked about–something you most definitely want in your
corner. Respond fast to your customers and watch them be disarmed almost
instantly, regardless if their reason for communicating was bad or

Do Not Hide from Bad Reviews

Hiding from a bad review or comment will not only make you look bad,
it will also give your customers a bad taste. Customers will not only
talk about the bad experience, they will also talk about the way it was

Handle your bad reviews by confronting them as peacefully and
proactively as possible. Do not hide reviews or delete comments. Face
your fears, even in the worst circumstances.

If you’re looking for more information on effective customer communication, you can check out more here. Our site includes several different ways to navigate the marketing field and get great results from customers.
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