Having a great squeeze page to attract new prospective customers is the first step in building your list. But once you get people through your proverbial door, what then?

What you need is an effective email swipe series to keep your customers on the line. A great email series is one of the fastest and easiest ways to build long-term, profitable relationships with new customers.

Affiliate Product Pricing

With affiliate products, the price of the product usually is determined by the seller. But surprisingly, in most cases pricing is not going to make or break the deal for the customer, so even if you think the product is overpriced, your customer may not.

If the copy you have written for your emails has done an effective job illustrating how the product will change the customer’s life for the better, by the time they get to the unveiling of the price, they are going to want to buy. It’s not going to make a lot of difference if it’s higher or lower by a few dollars.

Remember, with emails and especially with squeeze pages, you don’t have a lot of time to get your message across. Usually, your email is going to be less than 200 words. And your squeeze page usually will be even less than that. So it is essential that you make every word count.

Create Great Copy that Converts

So the words you select need to be as dynamic and convincing as possible. Look for action words and use the active rather than passive tense.

You want to direct your reader to take the action you desire. That means you don’t want to suggest, you want to tell. You don’t want to be in any way ambiguous or unclear as to what your intention is. You want your reader to grasp your purpose immediately.

Headlines are what catch the readers’ eye first, so it’s especially important that your headlines express you message in a way that provokes the reader into action.

Squeeze Page Structure

Your squeeze page is sort of like those impulse items that you see right at the checkout line at the grocery store. These are things like ice cold bottles of soda, candy bars, chewing gum, razors, gossip magazines and so on.

Nobody goes to the store with the intention of buying these items, but a lot of people will grab them at the last minute while they are getting ready to pay out of impulse.

Why? Because they are flashy, colorful and appeal to an immediate need. It’s hot out so I’ll grab a cold can of soda. I want fresh breath so I’ll get this gum. I like to know what movie stars are doing so I’ll grab this magazine. And so on.

Your squeeze page needs to do the same thing. It be very brief and a little flashy and appeal to the customer’s immediate need so they will act on impulse and give you their email address in exchange for your free giveaway.

So basically all you need is a great headline, a captivating image, a few bullet points and an opt-in box. Anything more than that and you risk losing their interest.

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