Which choice will you decide on?

There’s a lot of ways to play the game of internet business and reach up to a 6 to 7-figure income.

And there’s not necessarily a right or wrong way to play the game, if you end with the trophy you were after.

Just depends on playing the type of game YOU want to play.

Here’s what I mean…

You can slide into your Polo, grab your bags and zip off to play 18-holes of golf.

Yet, you’ll need clubs, experience to be any good. It’ll take time to get good, and to play a full game of golf.

Some love this.

Others, they may just want to go play a round of putt-putt with the family.

Not a “lot” of skill needed?

Just tap-tap-tap it in the hole!

Again, no wrong way here, right?

But that’s a distinction to make in how you want to build your own online business, and how much time and energy you have or WANT to put into it.

(Maybe you don’t want to work so much so you can actually go play golf, or pursue other passions.)

The 18-holes method involves you doing most everything yourself. Acquiring the needed skills.

Commitment to playing the long game.

Putt-putt is coming in with not a lot of skill required and leveraging someone else’s course.

And you just need to get pretty good at the putter.

No wrong way!
Just do it YOUR WAY, okay?

===> The putt-putt method to paydays With this system, you’ll learn how to get good at simple putts, aka: tapping daily leads into the system.

After that, they can handle all the rest for you.

Have a great day!.

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Carsten Webering


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