Email Marketing One Of The Most Effective Marketing Tool If Used Right

Effective email marketing is emerging as one of the most effective marketing strategies of the past ten years. In fact, more businesses are choosing to use E-Marketing than any other marketing plan. But to be effective, E-Marketing must adhere to a few rules. Be sure that when you do send out your email promotions or email marketing letters you aren’t overloading your list members. Sending out regular promotional email letters is a great way to stay connected with your subscribers. But, if you start sending letters out everyday, they are going to grow tired of what you have to say and either delete your emails or unsubscribe. Again, to be effective with email marketing be sure you are offering your subscribers something. If you can give away products or services it would be great. But even if you can’t you can always choose to give useful and important information and education to your subscribers. They will appreciate well written articles or any other information you have that may directly pertain to them. When you start sending empty letters, your email marketing subscriber list will start decreasing. After all, no one wants their time wasted. Remember, with email marketing you want to accomplish many things. One of the most important things to focus on is gaining your subscribers’ trust. So be sure that everything you say in your emails brings you closer toward that goal. After you gain the trust of a subscriber, you’ll be more likely to gain a customer out of them as well.

Email Marketing Tools And Segmentation

Your direct email marketing software should allow you to separate your list into different data sections so that you can mail them individually. 5. Self regulating campaigns: You must be able to set up your newsletters to go certainly based upon your requirements. Definite messages should be sent out on particular days of the week. You can also have e-mails to be delivered on customer’s birthdays or wedding anniversaries. Before going in for direct email marketing software, it is necessary to be clear about what your recent needs are, and what your potential requirements are assumed to be and also to get in touch with other organizations in the related line of business to notice what their experience has been with different e-mail software. If an email marketing company offers you a free trial take them and seek a few other free trials as well. These trials will help you select “what is the most appropriate product for you”? Go through the reviews of different software programs, this will give you a good hint of the aptness of the software product that you want.

Use Good Practice When Sending Emails

Spryka Email Charger is a powerful bulk email marketing application for Microsoft Windows. Its an Email newsletter software that manages a mailing list and sends mass newsletter emailings, without incurring any recurring fees or monthly charges. Email is an important and useful way to communicate with your colleagues, partners, business prospects and customers. Marketers are utilizing this means of communicating to introduce their products and services to potential customers. The effectiveness of emails can be increased by focusing on certain good practices. You should use informative, short length and meaningful subject lines for your email messages. It is a bad practice to write subject lines with all capital letters as that denotes shouting. You should use your company or brand name or the name of a familiar person in from line instead of just a random email address. The sender email address should contain your company or brand name reference or it should be created on your domain. Company email addresses are protected from spam bots so you need JavaScript enabled browsers to view your email marketing message.

Design Your Email So That Information, Images, Videos and Links is Showed Properly

You should design your email message in a way that key information should be displayed properly, including images. You should use text links since picture links may create problems if images are blocked. You should include link to your website near the top of the message. Moreover there should be a link or button such as Share with a friend to send a copy of this message to another person of the recipients choosing. You should provide an update link in your email marketing message encouraging your subscribers to update their information or preferences. You should provide a link or button redirecting to the subscription form in the email message. Similarly, don’t forget to provide a link to the unsubscribe form. You should request your recipient to add your email address in their safe sender list. This will ensure delivery to their Inbox. You should provide a link to the search page on your website in your email message. It should be able to redirect your reader to the search results page on your website. You should also provide a direct link to your companys privacy policy to ensure your credibility is maintained. The Contact Us or Feedback link should be clearly visible in your email marketing message. Marketers should provide complete physical address of the company including post box, street and other information. Telephone is a fast way of communication as compare to email. Contact number of your company should be present in your email messages.


Email marketing is one of the ways to drive traffic your website. Here are the important Do(s) and Don’t(s) of Email Marketing in my perspective. Be clear on the purpose of your emailer. Probably, the purpose is to increase the business but, in certain cases people want business through various divisions. For example, in case of a car dealer, he may want more business through a specific model. So, be clear in your needs. Set up a standard for the emailer design which as header with company logo and footer with address. Use an attractive design that matches the theme of the email and simple & catchy words but it should not be too wordy. Use captions which will highlight the keywords. Short and Sweet could do more! Link the most appropriate section of your website which has more information on that respective subject through some call to action buttons such as “Contact us for Details”/”Click here to find out more”. Also remember to have a lead/enquiry form on the page which is linked from your emailer. Use Email etiquette while drafting subject lines for your emailer.